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Selling a business almost free of charge

Self business selling and buying? There are a few marketplaces where you can sell your business or buy a an established business. Businesses are bought and sold every day, maybe you want to enter a new market or you want to exit a market. Maybe you think your business will expand to a new level with another person leading and you reached the ceiling of how high you can develop it. Let’s see some successful business deals and discuss a little about places where you can buy or sell a business.

Any business can be sold! Even websites, that are not really businesses, can be sold for a lot of money. GardenRant was formed in 1996 by gardening enthusiast Susan Harris, mainly as a way to share her thoughts, tips and advice as well as sharing event details and special promotions. Though you may think that there wouldn’t be much value in a gardening blog it actually did amazingly well and was eventually bought out by the company GardenWeb for a rough figure of around $1.3 Million, not bad for a blog talked mostly about flowers. Never underestimate the power of any niche community, big or small! Politicshome was founded just two years ago in 2008 by Stephan Shakespeare, who is also the founder and CEO of YouGov, which is basically an Internet-based market research company. After just one year of the blog being online, Stephan managed to sell the business in a very successful deal with Conservative politician Michael Ashcroft. The deal was worth an approximate $1.3 million.

Advices for selling a business: Let’s say your business is well-structured and it’s a legal entity. In this case, be open to small businesses loans to make it easier for a buyer in the United States, which is where most of your potential buyers might be. Nowadays, that’s the way most people buy small businesses. They take a loan from the bank, and once they know the business they’re buying is a USA entity, it makes it everything easier for them to get a loan. If the business is not American, they won’t get the loan. This will leave you with less cash and make the whole structure much less beneficial for you. If you know ahead of time you want to sell your business, maybe in 12 months or more, restructure your legal entity. Consider setting your company in the US, in the UK, or any other place but make sure you get advice from a broker because this structure will give you a better evaluation and, eventually, more bang for the buck. Remember that buyers want practicality and even though your buyer might not be in the US, my experience tells me most of them are. See more info at Buy an existing business.

FE International is a website broker with a 94.1% sales success rate that offers a fully personalized sales process to ensure that the buyer and seller get exactly what they were looking for out of the sales process. Since they’re a website broker, they work directly with sellers to completely understand their business and then they contact their network of buyers to find ones that are the right fit for the business. From there, buyers make offers on the business and FE International negotiates to find the best deal for the seller. Finally, they ensure that the seller provides the right information and support to the buyer so they can successfully take over the online business so both the buyer and seller are happy. FE International is an experienced team of brokers that work together to create a high-quality experience for buyers and sellers, and they’re most experienced in evaluating 5-7 figure businesses. To learn more about what they offer buyers and sellers, check out their Frequently Asked Questions.

Domain Magnate – Nearly last, but certainly not the least favorite, Domain Magnate is run by Michael Bereslavsky. According to an interview with Flippa he manages more than 100 websites and has sold websites for as much as $165k on Flippa. I signed up on Michael’s newsletter a year ago, and he sends new deals every once in a while in your inbox. Just like other premium brokers, Michael is interested only in serious buyers, and legitimate owners selling their businesses and websites. Here’s a word from Michael himself! “That interview is a bit old, currently, I have $418,710 in Flippa sales under my profile. Domain Magnate is a super seller and a verified broker with Flippa, we are also a verified partner with Escrow. Domain Magnate is different in that we mostly cater to sellers who are looking for quick deals and do not want to go through the lengthy processes associated with other brokers, and we buy directly, acting as buyers, often closing deals in just 1-2 days. Domain Magnate also act as a buyer-side broker, guiding first-time buyers through their first acquisition and helping them find the best deal based on their budget, requirements, and expertise, or helping established buyers find and buy websites according to their exact specifications.”

Amazon is the most recognized name in online merchandise sales. It’s the premier marketplace for ecommerce merchants and individuals looking to display an imposing online presence. Amazon provides web-based tools to upload product inventory through the creation of an “Amazon Webstore”. The marketing value of the Amazon “name” is something that every ecommerce vendor needs to consider when searching out the best marketplace to sell their products. Businesses looking to sell on Amazon will need to sign up and register their business name, contact information, credit card and phone number. Here’s everything you need to know to sell on Amazon including costs, FBA facts and advertising. One of the things about Amazon and other marketplaces is that integration, product matching, and product updating can be extremely difficult. As a rule of thumb, marketplaces can be difficult to integrate with, so you’ll want to do these one at a time.

BizForSell works as a hub for business brokers as well. Business sellers can search and contact business brokers on the website to assist them with the selling process or business brokers can post advertisements themselves to find buyers of their clients’ business. All the related stakeholders can help each other this way through BizForSell connection. Moreover, we also allow registered brokers to publish business related blogs and connect to businesses in general. We offer very convenient options for sellers, buyers, and brokers of businesses. Business buyers can easily browse businesses locally and find the best possible deal . With a fast-growing audience of sellers, buyers, and brokers, you can be sure of finding something suitable for you on this marketplace if you search! We provide solutions to sellers, buyers and brokers worldwide. Source: https://www.bizforsell.com.