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How to recover deleted files which were deleted long time ago?

Working with large amounts of information? You know the desperate moment when you realize that you need something that you deleted a long time ago. This is the subject of this post : Do you need to recover permanently deleted files. 1st lets start with some general data recovery advices, valid for all type of data devices, PC’s, Mac’s, phones.

Never used a damaged or faulty storage medium more than you have to. It sounds obvious, but, in reality, we as people love to procrastinate on things that are unpleasant to deal with, such as purchasing a new hard drive or SD card when the old one starts showing early signs of failure. However, by postponing the replacement of your storage device, you increase the chance of it failing catastrophically each time you use it. When that happens, there’s often little you can do.

If your Mac is starting up and you see a file icon with a question mark, or Windows gives you a pop-up that says “Windows detected a hard disk problem,” you’re looking at a potential drive failure. If you’re dealing with data that you absolutely cannot afford to lose, seek professional help like at an Apple Store or professional data recovery service. If you just want to try to get back a few specific files, or get the device running again, here’s what to do.

So what should you immediately do if you find yourself in such a situation one day? While screaming might sound justified, there are a few things you can try out before thinking of running to a hard drive service center. And what are those few things? Well, you’ll have to read on to find out. Starting with the basics – there are 2 ways a hard drive can be damaged. Yes, this is required. You need to understand what kind of damage has struck your hard drive in order to know how to deal with it.

If the TVS diodes don’t smell burnt and show the correct digits when measuring them, then the problem is the PCB itself. A replacement PCB is required, but not just a straight swap. There is an 8 pin ROM chip on most PCBs that contains unique firmware info that is required to start up the drive. This needs to be moved from the old PCB to the new in order for the replacement to work. Some hard drives, especially Western Digitals, do not have this 8 pin chip—the firmware is stored in the main controller which is virtually impossible to move.

Modern solid state drives (SSDs) in newer portable computers are much more difficult to access. These laptops are built very thin, and reaching the casing screws is sometimes impossible. Even if the case can be opened, many of these drives are inaccessible and sometimes even soldered directly onto the other components, so removal is virtually impossible. If someone has an SSD laptop that’s inoperable and contains important data, then the only viable option is to send the machine to a specialised shop. This company will open the device in a clean room and have the right sockets to match to the laptop’s proprietary connectors. While such recovery is usually successful, it could potentially cost thousands and will require a considerable amount of time.

Western Digital (WD) Elements Portable Hard Drive is a very popular kind of portable hard drive. With big capacity and fast data transfer speed, this portable hard drive is widely used for data storage & transfer. But data loss can happen on any kind of device including WD Elements Portable Hard Drive of course. There are many reasons behind data loss, but in most cases the data has not been lost permanently. Once you find the right solution, you can completely recover lost files from WD Elements portable hard drive. Read more details at Recover lost files from WD Elements portable hard drive.