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Awesome travel blogs to read in 2019

Let’s discuss about top quality travel blogs in 2019. World is full of travel blogs so bloggers are forced to become more and more professional, comprehensive, posts get bigger and bigger, filled with more and more information, pictures and other travel things. Here are some travel blogs that i like reading.

A Broken Backpack, Melissa is a Canadian doll. She has no filter and is such a warm hearted individual. YOU MUST catch her on Snapchat or Youtube. She’s either hitchhiking though SE Asia or sharing her travel shenanigans. She’s such a talented individual and has truly proven that hard work pays off. Melissa has been published on Huffington Post, Matador Network, Thought Catalog and much, much more. She’s a true female backpacker and an inspiration!

Global Grasshoppers: Advice and inspiration with a slightly off-beat outlook. The world’s weirdest beaches is an excellent example of their style. Get In The Hotspot: Travel stories and tips from an expat Brit living in Australia. Uplifting. Useful. Funny. Follow The Boat: Wanderlust regular Liz Cleere created a corner of the web where aspiring travel writers can hone their craft. Liz, her partner Jamie, and their cat named Millie teamed up to sail all corners of the world, and keep aspiring travellers updated on Follow The Boat.

Jamie Campbell shares everything he’s learned about travel on his blog, Gaijin Crew. If you want to learn how to travel the world on a budget without going broke, about responsible travel and ecotourism, about making the most of life on the road or just about any of the destinations Jamie has visited, Gaijin Crew will have you covered! A public relations pro turned award-winning travel and food blogger, Carol Cain is the woman behind Girl Gone Travel. Carol provides inspiration for friends, families, and lovers who want to travel, eat, and live life to the fullest. Because she wants to inspire everyone to hit the road and see all the world has to offer, Carol provides quick links to adventures, family adventures, girlfriend getaways, good eats and wine, hotels, local fun, and national parks on Girl Gone Travel.

The Fearful Adventurer is a travel blogger who approaches the travel blog from a different perspective. Having traveled to some of the more exotic and dangerous locations in the world, this blogger has a lot of insight to offer travelers. Torre is the name of the woman who writes for this blog, and she has seen quite a bit of action throughout her travels. She provides those who are planning their next trips with valuable information about accommodations, food, attractions, activities, and more for every location to which she travels.

A blog that i like, one of my favourite travel blogs, is TforTraveller , a travel blog with very good travel posts. The content i like the most are the 72 hours guides, they are perfect for maximizing your fun in a short weekend break. T for Traveller aims to build a community of like-minded people who think traveling and to expand your boundaries are important There ’s nothing quite like landing in another culture to give you a fresh perspective and make you evaluate what s really important in life. This website not only documents our journey and experiences but will also share stories from other travellers to encourage people to travel and create everlasting memories. Read more travel stories on TforTraveller.