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Google SEO tools and marketing advices

SEO marketing guide , how it works? How to earn more money, how to gather more customers? No matter how one initially finds a lead, whether from a referral, a networking event or simply a cold list. At some point, you must pick up the phone and speak with that prospect. That’s appointment setting 101. If that initial telephone conversation does not go well, you will not move to the next step in your sales cycle. A phone call normally “gets you in the door” and facilitates a sit-down face-to-face with a prospect thus having a selling conversation.

How long do you want a campaign to last? How quick do you require lead conversions? Are you willing to go long term or short term? Does your product have an expiry date? Some channels are slow but sure, while others are quicker but have high risk of being ineffective. Analyze the time requirements and constraints of all your channel options. Some channels take a lot more time like content based channels which include anything from blog posts to social media videos. Your channel choice has to be compatible with your timeline.

‘Build it and they’ll come’ mentality has really made many companies derail. Another metric to consider is your target audience. Who do you want to advertise to, elderly or teens? Do they watch TV or YouTube, are they mobile users or PC? Choosing a target audience can help as particular channels are exclusive. For example, Instagram has juiced the way millennials consume short video and pictures. Your channel may require maximum or minimal engagement. Remember your product needs to be where your target customers are, so does your chosen channel! See more details on Telemarketing.

Telemarketing can form an integral part of a sales and marketing campaign. Either as a tool for gathering the data that will be the foundation for your direct marketing approaches. Or a follow up to other forms of direct marketing. And maybe as an up-front weapon for identifying your best sales prospects. The most common functions and creative uses of business to business outbound telemarketing include: For those distributing products through multiple channels, regular contact with distributors or resellers has numerous benefits. And telemarketing can come in handy. It can ensure that they are familiar with your products and have the right marketing materials to sell them successfully. But can also achieve the difficult goal of keeping your product/service at the forefront of their minds.

Since Google is evidently moving toward predictive and personalized search experience, SEO experts need to step up. There several tools and plugins made for the sole purpose of extending SEO capabilities of websites. Some do content management, speed testing, and web crawling while others do keyword specificity and direction. In retrospect, effective SEO begins with finding the right words, phrases, and ideas for targeting. There can be so many and can get confusing, so it’s best to prioritize and start simple. And Google tools may be the best orientation. Plus they’re more or less FREE!

This is the resident Google keyword suggestion tool, the mother of all Google SEO tools. Consequently, AdWords shows monthly/seasonal traffic patterns, related terms, bid competition, all allowing export of keyword lists. It assists marketers in estimating traffic for keywords and to develop new keywords by a combination of different keywords too. In short, it’s considered the de-facto tool for ascertaining keyword volumes, especially with its inbuilt AdWords Keyword Planner. Though the keyword planner can sometimes feel more PPC focused. Its search console helps you identify crawling issues and broken links, indexed pages indexed, and test your robots.

Concurrently, business-to-consumer, is a commercial transaction in which businesses sell products or services to consumers. Of course this can be individuals shopping for clothes at the mall or subscribing to pay-per-view TV at home. Subsequently, the term B2C now popularly refers to the online selling of products and electronic sales. This has been benchmarked with ‘fast moving consumer goods’ which are sold quickly at relatively low cost. These are typically one-off purchases. It’s a super competitive industry and you have to sell your product to multiple people before the sale is made. Read more info at Google SEO tools.

We have already hinted on B2B time in the previous paragraph which can indicate bureaucracy. This is forgiven since most B2B decision makers tend to be experts. B2B is very founded on authority and thought leadership. Hence the decision cycle can take from seconds to weeks for B2C. All while weeks to months on the contrary for B2B. Thus the sales cycles can be lengthy. Further, making the wrong choice in B2B purchases has greater consequences and impact as we implied early.